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This database resides on Arvixe (a web hosting service).  It uses SQL Server 2008.

I can change data in Visual Studio 2010 on my PC or data can be changed in this web page.

Insertions and deletions of data are via SQL commands.

C# is the "code behind".  C# is used to get text from the user which is then made into SQL commands such as:
INSERT INTO Inventory (id, Description,Quantity,Price) VALUES (3, bat, 27, 24.99)
DELETE FROM Inventory WHERE id = '3'

Enter the password to modify the database:
Password not validated. Database buttons disabled.

Enter data here.
click "Add to Database" to insert into database.
id             Description
Quantity  Price

Choose an id from the drop down box Click "Delete Row" button to remove that record.

Row (id)  Selector:  

1mitt 25 45.9900
2glove 17 95.0000
3bat 27 24.9900
5visor 100 4.9900
7cotton candy 55 5.0000
8Ball 12.99 53.0000
9Popcorn 5000 5.5000
10Potato Chips 1000 4.9500