Range Report SW9VE Smith and Wesson 9mm Sigma Series

Let me preface this with the fact that I am no marksman or gun expert. I am just an average shooter who was trying out my new pistol.

I decided to shoot 50 rounds, 10 at each target - range 25'.
I used Remington full metal jacket 9mm ammo.
I shot the targets in the order they are numbered: 1 through 5.

I shot the first 3 targets just getting a feel for the gun. I never lowered it and shot one after the other.

On target 4 I decided to take my time and rest between shots.

I was able to get 10 shots in a 3 inch circle at 25'

In the last target I experimented with raising the front sight slightly above the back dots.

I am still grinning over the performance of this pistol. I would have never guessed that a 17 shot pistol that I purchased for under $300.00 would perform so well. I did not find the trigger difficult (as I have heard so many say - of course I shoot another semi-auto double action only a Kel-Tec P3AT and may be used to that type of trigger.)