I was going to get a Kahr PM40 which is a very small, high quality, .40 caliber concealed carry pistol. However, a deal came up that I could not pass on. I traded my SW9VE plus $200.00 for a Glock 23. The Glock 23 is the mid-sized Glock .40

This gun packs some serious firepower. The .40 caliber round is closer in performance than the 9mm to my favorite revolver cartrige the .357 magnum (I own 2 .357 revolvers). It holds a total of 14 rounds - 13 in the magazine and one in the chamber. (I always carry with one in the chamber to prevent having to rack the slide)

One of the things that tickled me about this deal was that it included a Blackhawk paddle holster. This is a Fobus type holster (the Fobus was developed in Israel by the Massad) with the addition of a locking button.