Blog: C# from a C++/C/Java Perspective

Console Hello World: Alright, after a 2 hour install .net is up and running. Look for an example - the examples were not installed. The source code for a Hello World is easy enough to find in a book. Looks a lot like Java... Specify a console C# project in .net and build and how do you run this? Oh, go to Debug and "Run without Debugging". It worked.

Pointers: Ok, I am going to do a simple pointer demo in C#... Woah! Garbage collection means that memory can move around - not good. The only way to use pointers is to use an unsafe{} around the pointer code! However, you can not compile unsafe code from a default console project. I am going to say pointers are discouraged. It looks like you should use references only - what does that sound a lot like? Oh yeah, Java.

Size Of Install: I should install this at home, too. Wait, my 3 year old computer has a 2.0 G hard drive and .net is a 1.5 G for a full install! Well, I won't be putting this on the home computer.