Miscellaneous Links

Class Related:
Ken C++
Ken Code
Bad Design
XHTML Tutorial
ASP vs Perl/NT vs unix
Color Theory/Complements
Color Theory
Color Theory/3 Color
Web Page Color Picker
1st Page Web Development-Free
JS Tutorial W3
ASP Tutorial W3
ASP Tutorial Beginners
CSS Zen Garden
Applet Sort Demo
Class Related: (continued)
Towers Of Hanoi C solution
HTML Kit (Free HTML editor)
Java Script Tutorial
Java Sun
Java Doc
How to make a jar
C++ STL Programmer's guide
STL Iterators
C++ Compiler IDE
Schaums C++(Buy one!)
Tree Animation
Nist DS/Algo
C# by me
Class Related: (continued)
STL Tutorial
Win C++ Tutorial
Win C++ Tutorial 2
Excellent C++
Frequently Asked Questions

C++ Language Ref
C++ Style Guidelines
C++ STL Ref
C++ Quick Ref PDF
C++ Tutorial
Bjarne Stroustrup's Homepage
C++ Tutorial in 17 lessons
Future 505 students,
I highly recommend this site.
Wierd Science
Science Facts
What is running on your PC
Criminal Search
PA free credit report
Amazing ZIP animation written in Process
Metamorphic Programming
Free Electronics Texts
Spot the fake smiles
CCAC Student Website Design
Post Gazette On CCAC
Stay Safe Online
US Computer Emergency Readiness Team
Elegant Universe
MIT Open Course Ware
Ontological Argument
(circa 1033-1109)

Research Papers
US Govt On Jobs
US Govt On Job Growth
US Govt On Job Growth 2004
Computers 3 listings of top 10

Jobs By State

Great Site:
Aquatic Ape Hypothesis
PRIMES is in P
American Federation of Teachers
- this will change the world as we know it.
Fusion 2
Reference Desk
Webster's Dictonary
Scientific American
(Ultimate Search Engine Interface FREE)
Eclectic/Heterogeneous: (continued)
Programmer Made Page
(don't let programming do this to you!)
Zone Alarm Free FireWall
- free download for personal use
( Great sofware addon even for XP, control program internet access)
Leak Test Your Firewall
Probe Your Firewall
Free Anti-Virus Software: Trend
Free Anti-Virus Software: Avast
Free Anti-Virus Software: AVG
Download and run Ad-aware
(A must. And ITS FREE!)
Tech Articles
Telemarketer Zap Tone
Check out the chess viewer applet
US Census Data
How common is your last/first name
Free 3D Calculator
Special Relativity
Computer History
Computation Theory
Larry Lessig
Pink Monkey
- (A Cliffs Notes Type Site)
What It Is (IT terms)
Eclectic/Heterogeneous: (continued)
running panther
Pitt: Engineering
Pitt: Computer Science
Pitt: Information Technology
Pitt: Engineering Alumni Online Association
My Award Winning Pitt Thesis 1989
IEEE Computer Society
IEEE Pittsburgh
From PC Mag's top 100 list:
Windows Applications - free downloads
Answers to PC problems for newbies & pros
58,000 Software Drivers
File Extensions (file.xyz what the heck is that?)
What is that site running? unix? windows?
Why is my internet connection so slow?
Exact Time to 0.0000001 seconds
Freeware Software
Free Software no reminders, etc.

Specialized Search Engines:
.edu domain
.gov domain
.mil domain
kartoo graphical search engine
dogpile metasearch engine
Search Engine Colossus
e books
World News
Invisible Web with incy wincy
Public Libraries
e Library
e Business
Academic Research Journals
From academic computer only

Ask Eric (Education)
Research Paper Cites
Integer Sequences