My own no-fat added hummus recipe (I stumbled on this while experimenting):

This whole batch costs less than $2.00 and takes about 5 min to prepare.

6 cups of chick peas.

½ cup of liquid from the chick peas or just water.

¼ of a cucumber peeled.

2 tablespoons of crushed garlic.

6 jalapeño slices chopped.

Lemon juice to taste – about 2 tablespoons for me.

Experiment with spices – basil, etc. but just fine without any additional spices.

Pulse in a food processor until it suddenly changes consistency and starts to flow then blend for a few seconds.

Serve on multi-grain artisan bread!

I bought 6 lbs of chick peas at costco for about $2.50 and 2 loaves of the bread for $4.70.

I calculated the calories of this entire batch to be about 1,200.

Kenneth Moore

April 2008