How to Set Up a Client Server

(info courtesy of Darren Siegel CTE Mentor)


The auction series of assignments is designed so that each assignment is an independent entity that is testable by the student
(or instructor).

Here is the easiest way to set up and test any of the auction related exercises:

1) Compile and run your solution to an exercise, using port 4000. (type main 4000 at the command line)

2) Start the Apache web server.  To do this, first unzip the file hyperlinked from Appendix E into "c:\auction".  Then run apache.exe.

If this directory is not writeable due to permissions restrictions, you will have to unzip into a directory that is writeable, perhaps "c:\documents and settings\kmoore" or something to that effect.
Then, you must edit the \Apache\httpd.conf file that exists in the archive.
Search and replace "c:\auction" with the directory name where you unzipped the file.

3) Open your favorite browser to "http://localhost". A page will be displayed that contains a single link. Click on this link to access the page that presents the auction system user interface. It is this page that makes requests to a CGI program. This CGI program then makes the socket connections to the executable you compile and run in step 1.

Regardless of what exercise you are working on, steps 2 and 3 from above do not change. The only thing that differs is the executable that you compile and run. If you compile and run the executable from exercise 1, then you will see only those features of the system that are implemented in that exercise. If you compile and run the executable from exercise 6, you will then see the auction system will all features activated.