Using the Borland Compiler on Your Home PC

Start by inserting the CD into your CD drive.

It should auto start and present you with a menu.  (If not go to your CD drive and choose autoplay.) Choose Borland C++ (not the Enterprise Builder). Then choose install software. This installs the compiler on your computer at c:\Borland\bcc55.

You can get more information about the compiler by clicking on "For More Information" then following the link to:   You can also click on the link here.

Go to C:\Borland\bcc55\readme.txt to see how to set up your path files and an initial config. You need to make both bcc32.cfg and ilink32.cfg in the bin directory.

After setting your path by path=c:\borland\bcc55, a source file in the bin directory can be compiled by typing bcc32 file.c