CIT100 Introduction to Computers -  Prerequisites None - 3 credits  Fall 2004



Instructor: Kenneth L Moore.  Office N457 Phone 724-325-6778 



Text Book

Microsoft Office 2003 Volume 1

by Grauer/Barber Prentice-Hall (ISBN 0-13-183852-0)

Package ISBN: 0-13-164073-9


An introduction to computer concepts, applications, and information systems. Topics include the use of software, such as spreadsheet, database management, graphics, word processing and computer communications via the Internet. Students develop beginning level skills with common applications in order to use a computer as a tool, make informed decisions concerning computer generated information, and obtain basic information systems concepts and terminology to provide a basis for future learning in the field. Students will have substantial hands-on time in both dedicated classrooms/labs and open lab environments. This is a general computer literacy course.


Learning outcomes: 


Upon the completion of the activities in this course, the student should be able to:


  1. Discuss the relationship among the various hardware and software components of a computer system including processor, memory, external storage, input/output, systems and application programs.
  2. Use the graphical user interface features of a windows type environment, use file management to find information on the PC (or network file server) and organize data in directories.
  3. Understand and use basic features of word processing, spreadsheet, graphics, and database applications and transfer skills regardless of the specific brand name of the application used in this course.
  4. Understand the basic issues concerning computer communications, access then find information on the Internet using a Web browser; discuss some of the ethical issues associated with computer use.


Grading:  There will be 3 exams.  Exams will be curved. There is NO final exam.  There are quizzes online and practice exams online for homework.  Quizzes and practice exams may be retaken to achieve the grade you want.  There is a final project.  Your grade will be your average on the exams + a letter grade for homework/quizzes + a letter grade for the final project.


Example: Exam 1 C Exam 2 D Exam 3 C avg = C + letter grade for HW/Quizzes -> B + letter grade for final project -> A.  Final grade A.


Exams:  Exams will be online.  They consist of 100 multiple choice and T/F questions.  For internet students, you will be given a week in which to take each exam.  You may take the exam at home.  You are honor bound to do your own test.  You must complete the exam in 45 min or you must come in for a proctored make-up exam.  Non-internet students will take the exam in class online. Exams will be open book open note - however, do not underestimate these exams.  They will be difficult for someone who has not studied and done the assignments.








Note: As you read the chapters, do the hands on exercises.





 1: Sep  7 - Sep 11

Essential Computing Concepts

pp 889- pp 943

Getting Started With Microsoft Windows XP pp 1 -> as far as you get.

Essentials of Computing Concepts: Practice Exam

Essentials of Microsoft Windows: Practice Exam

 2: Sep 12 - Sep 18

Getting Started With Microsoft Windows XP finish to pp 72

The Internet and the World Wide Web pp 825 - pp 887

Essentials of the Internet: Practice Exam

Quiz 1 Basic Computer, Internet and Window Concepts

 3: Sep 19 - Sep 25

Word: One pp  73- pp119

Word: Two pp 121-pp 174

Chapter 001: WORD: Practice Exam

Quiz Word Chapter 1

Chapter 002: WORD: Practice Exam

Quiz Word Chapter 2

 4: Sep 26 - Oct  2

Word: Three pp 175 - pp 224

Skip Mail Merge.

Word: Four   pp 125 - pp 255

Except page numbers, headers and footers, skip Long Docs.

Chapter 003: WORD: Practice Exam

Quiz Word Chapter 3

Chapter 004: WORD: Practice Exam

Quiz Word Chapter 4

 5: Oct  3 - Oct  9


Excel: One pp 281 - pp 344

Chapter 001: EXCEL: Practice Exam

Quiz Excel Chapter 1

 6: Oct 10 - Oct 16

Excel: Two pp 345 - pp 355

Skip web related sections.

Chapter 002: EXCEL: Practice Exam

Quiz Excel Chapter 2

 7: Oct 17 - Oct 23

Excel: Three pp 389 - pp 438

Chapter 003: EXCEL: Practice Exam

Quiz Excel Chapter 3

 8: Oct 24 - Oct 30

Excel: Four pp 439 - pp 496

Know the built in functions



Know Goal Seek.

Chapter 004: EXCEL: Practice Exam

Quiz Excel Chapter 4

 9: Oct 31 - Nov  6


Access: One pp 497 - pp 543

Chapter 1: ACCESS: Practice Exam

Quiz Access Chapter 1

10: Nov  7 - Nov 13

Access: Two pp 545 - pp 597

Chapter 2: ACCESS: Practice Exam

Quiz Access Chapter 2

11: Nov 14 - Nov 20

Access: Three pp 599 - pp 656

Skip Crosstab Queries.

Skip Action Queries.

Skip Access Chapter Four.

Chapter 3: ACCESS: Practice Exam

Quiz Access Chapter 3

Thanksgiving Break

Nov 21 - Nov 27


12: Nov 28 - Dec  4



13: Dec  5 - Dec 11

Power Point: One pp705 - pp768

No homework or quiz. Study for your other finals and work on final project.

13: Dec 14 - Dec 20

Power Point: Two pp769 - pp824

Final Projects Due